How to become a Cookie Monster?

It is out there. Some people believe that it is just a myth but we dare to say that we all have it in our hearts. The Cookie Monster is there and it becomes truly active during the Christmas time. We decided that we needed to feed him with some freshly baked Christmas cookies and create a big smile on his face. Our little ones have this time mastered the art of making delicious and crunchy pieces of heaven. They performed well and the mission was fully accomplished. Tom Cruise was proud of us. Christmas is coming ladies and gentlemen, so brace yourself and be fully ready. You cannot greet Santa Claus with an empty stomach. 

The art of making cookies

Roll it, squeeze and unleash the cookie monster

I can do it too!

Come on guys!

 We need some extra for Santa Claus

To roll, or not to roll... that is the question

Soon to be a delcious teddy bear

Go ahead. Try one. They are yummy!