Fabulous Festive Fun!

What a fantastic weekend we have had at IP Shanghai! 

This Saturday was our very first Christmas Fair 

and we were delighted to welcome over 200 excited guests into our school.

There were many festive surprises throughout the morning, including a visit from Santa Claus! 

As the guests came through the school gates they were greeted by Santa Claus himself 

and enjoyed taking photos in front of the magnificent Christmas tree. 

One of our key characters/areas of learning at IP is ‘the arts’

 and so we had plenty of arts and crafts activities on offer.

Children were engaged in making Christmas trees and their own stockings,

while our performers practiced dances and songs. It truly was a lovely atmosphere full of fun and laughter. 

Alongside our human guests, our school robots made an appearance 

at the party and thoroughly enjoyed meeting the new children, holding conversations and even signing songs! 

As the party got underway, we played lots of different games with the parents and children.

It was excellent to see the enthusiasm and enjoyment from both the parents and the children, 

as they threw themselves wholeheartedly into the different tasks.

Our guests were challenged with reindeer puzzles, scoring goals against snowmen, 

pass the parcel and many other fun games. 

A highlight for the adults was an interactive competition, where they had to shake their mobile phones as quickly 

as possible to move their online icon to the top of the giant screen. 

It was lots of fun, with parents and family showing their competitive side as the vied for the top prize!

◁ The picture can slide left and right ▷

◁ 图片可左右滑动 ▷        

◁ The picture can slide left and right ▷

◁ 图片可左右滑动 ▷      

◁ The picture can slide left and right ▷

◁ 图片可左右滑动 ▷      

◁ The picture can slide left and right ▷

◁ 图片可左右滑动 ▷      

◁ The picture can slide left and right ▷

◁ 图片可左右滑动 ▷      

Alongside our games and activities, we were thrilled to have performers join us from AMO Dance School;

the audience really enjoyed the different styles of dance and were blown away by the talented dancers! 

We were equally proud to have a group of Grandmothers from the local community come 

and perform a traditional dance. It is moments like this where our commitment to celebrating 

and blending the Chinese and British values and traditions can be seen. 

The highlight for the IP Staff was when our little stars took to the stage 

and proudly performed a rendition of ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’. 

Their confidence and smiley faces filled the stage 

and we were thrilled to hear them wishing everyone a ‘Merry Christmas’ in English; 

this is testament to their hard work already this semester. 

We would like to thank all of the staff who helped made the event possible 

and to all of the guests for entering into the event with such positivity. 

If you would like to find out more about our bilingual environment and our approach to learning,

 please do come and visit us: we would be delighted to have you.