Celebrating Success

At IP Shanghai we believe in praising and rewarding good behaviour, excellent work and any of our core values of respect, independence, creativity and courage. We have had a busy few weeks with the introduction of our specialist sessions (ballet and football) and Christmas preparations, not forgetting our hard work on our unique blended curriculum.

We would like to share with you our ‘Stars of the Week’ who have gone beyond expectations and really wowed staff. Well done to all of our winners!

Friday 30th November  :


What a fantastic week Dudu has had. He has worked incredibly hard to learn all of the animal names and sounds and has impressed us all with his growing command of the English language. We have seen a huge improvement with Dudu’s ability to listen and concentrate-he is really throwing himself positively into all aspects of school life. Well done Dudu.

Friday 7th December :


Well done Dudu, Star of the Week for the second week in a row! This week we have been wowed by Dudu’s singing and dancing…he really is quite the mover! As part of our learning in Food Week, Dudu designed a yummy pizza and was enthusiastically sharing with his friends how much he loves food! Dudu’s confidence is growing week after week and it has been lovely to hear him singing in both English and Chinese.


He is the one that surprises us every day with a brand new dose of the English vocabulary that he has learnt. He is a smart boy full of willingness to learn. He also motivates other to speak English. Alex brings a wonderful energy to the class. Keep it up!

Friday 14th December  :


This is the first time that Eva has received this award and it has not come as a surprise. Eva has improved in all areas since she started her journey with us. She is now an example of good listening and hard work. It is lovely to see her love for food every day, always finishing her breakfast and lunch first and encouraging her classmates. Eva’s determination is really something to behold- we could all learn something from her. Keep the hard work up! 


The little princess that is well behaved and always kind to others. She always sits nicely, knows everything about good manners and does not cause any problems at all. We are very proud of the way Belle approaches learning and know she will go on to achieve great things. Well done Belle.