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Shanghai Yipai Kindergarten is an international preschool education project in Shanghai established by Xiamen Nanyang College with the introduction of more than 100-year prestigious British school Ipswich High School. The address is located at No. 2690, Shuichan Road, Yangxing Town, Baoshan District, Shanghai (next to the Yangxing Town Government). It is 20-minute drive away from the centre of Shanghai,Nanjing Road.


Founded in 2000, Xiamen Nanyang College has nearly ten thousand students on campus. A group of professors, experts and teachers are devoted to Preschool education, engaging in preschool education research and practice. It has such majors as Preschool Music Performance, Preschool English, Preschool Development and Health Management and Preschool Education, etc..


Founded in 1878, Ipswich High School is located in Ipswich, Suffolk, London, covering more than 84 acres. The typical traditional boarding school provides a good all-round education for children aged 3 to 18. It is one of the most unique and well-regarded independent schools in England. 



IP kindergarten opens up in September, 2018. It occupies an area of nearly 9000 square meters, with indoor and outdoor playgrounds over 10,000 square meters. IP has a pool and little woods. There are activity rooms, arts and crafts rooms, a library, a construction room, a multi-function hall as well as science fiction area, art area, sports facilities, a game room and a J-5 fighter.

幼儿园引入以“给幼儿最好的开始,给父母最好的选择”为宗旨的早期教育课程:英国早期基础教育体系(EYFS:Early Year Foundation Stage), EYFS的目标是给所有幼儿提供一个持续发展和学习的体系,使他们在生活中获得更好的发展机会,让每个幼儿都能在将来成为身心健康、勤奋好学、真诚守信、开心快乐的人。

IP integrates the English EYFS curricula with Chinese traditional Foundation Curricula to develop an advanced and unique IP curricula system. IP always adheres to the principle of “best education for children, and best choice for parents”.IP strives to provide systematic and sustainable curricula for children, preparing them well for the better future. IP and its staff are dedicated to preschool education, and wish our children health, diligence, honesty and happiness.