Good morning and thank you so much for joining us today on what promises to be the start of a very exciting adventure. My name is Lisa Serrano and I am the Vice Principal at IP Shanghai, leading strategically on the Early Years Foundation Stage: The EYFS. As a senior leader back in the UK, I have been fortunate enough to work across a range of educational settings from kindergarten all the way through to post 16 education. I have a real passion for education. Seeing children grow and progress is a true honour, no matter what the age or stage; in the UK we are always striving towards the end goal whether this be university or a dream job, we wish to make all of our students’ happy, confident and successful young men and women. Above all, we want to promote curious, inquisitive and resilient learners, learners who enjoy coming to school and want to push limits and achieve their best. The EYFS is the first stage in your child’s education, the first of the building blocks on the road to them becoming successful learners. We take our roles as educators very seriously and know that when you make the carefully thought out decision on which school to send your child to, that you are handing over something extremely precious to us: a young mind to be shaped and moulded.

大家早上好,感谢各位参加我们的开园典礼,到此与我们共同开启我们的教育事业旅程。我是丽莎·塞拉诺 (Lisa Serrano),我是上海伊派幼儿园的副园长,主要负责英国早期基础教育体系 (EYFS) 教育战略制定。之前在英国担任教育高管之时,我有幸参与到各个教育阶段的工作中,包括幼儿园到中学后。教育是我真正热爱的事业。能够参与到每个孩子的成长当中,看着他们进步,这是多么的荣幸。在英国,无论是在大学还是一个梦想的工作中,我们始终朝着一个目标努力,那就是让我们的学生成为健康快乐、自信成功的人。总之,我们希望激发学生的好奇心、求知欲和韧性,让他们爱上学习,勇于超越极限,发挥出自身的最大潜能。早期基础教育是儿童教育的最初阶段,也是构筑学生通往成功未来之路的奠基石。身为教育者,我们严以待己。我们深知家长经过深思熟虑把孩子送到我们手上,也是把他们最珍贵的宝贝托付给我们,期待我们培养、塑造他们的灵魂。

At IP Shanghai, we are in a unique position whereby we will be blending the very best of the Chinese and British curriculum. The EYFS is widely regarded as a purposeful and effective framework, on which a play based and child-centred approach to learning is key. The four guiding principles of the EYFS are:


· That every child is unique.

· That every child can learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.

· That children learn and develop best in enabling environments.

· That children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates.

· 每个孩子都是与众不同的。

· 每个孩子都可以通过积极的人际关系培养起坚强和独立的个性。

· 孩子在激励的环境中学习和发展效果最佳。

· 每个孩子的发展和学习方式和速度各不相同。


I am sure that we can all agree with these principles and the overwhelming belief that every child can succeed. So what does this look like? Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development.  


Children should mostly develop the 3 prime areas first. These are:  

· Communication and language;  

· Physical development;  

· and Personal, social and emotional development.  


· 沟通和语言;  

· 身体的发展;  

· 个人、社交和情感的发展。

These prime areas are those most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning.  As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in 4 specific areas. These are:  

· Literacy;  

· Mathematics;  

· Understanding the world; and

· Expressive arts and design.  


· 读写;  

· 数学;  

· 对世界的理解;

· 艺术和设计的表现力。  

These 7 areas are used to plan your child’s learning and activities. The professionals teaching and supporting your child will make sure that the activities are suited to your child’s unique needs. This is similar to the curriculum in primary and secondary schools, but it's suitable for very young children, and it's designed to be really flexible so that staff can follow your child's unique needs and interests.


Children in the EYFS learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside.


A child’s experiences during their early years provide the essential foundations for life. Their development during this period influences their basic learning, educational attainment, economic participation and health. Internationally there has been a revolutionary and unprecedented focus on the early years in recent times and here at IP Shanghai we are committed to ensuring that your child receives the very best provision and support. I would like to thank you for choosing us and look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you over the coming year.


Thank you.


 Lisa Serrano